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Levellor® Insulin


HYPOSPRAY Pharma recently conducted an initial clinical trial for HypoSpray® Insulin delivery, with bioavailability and bioequivalence data that suggest the possibility of managing blood glucose levels more predictably by engaging the body’s natural feedback loops and leveling tendencies.  

EpiSpray® Epinephrine


With FDA encouragement, HypoSpray Pharma has initiated a regulatory pathway to obtain registration for the only transdermal Epinephrine (adrenalin) product.  Epinephrine is marketed as an unregistered medical product and as an OTC sans monograph.  A local hospital with a clinical trials facility is reviewing a proposal that would produce HypoSpray® Epinephrine bioavailability and bioequivalence data on approximately 90 healthy volunteer patients.  Upon approval, management believes this product will be highly visible and well-received by patients, regulators and the media

Testagen® Testosterone


Currently enrolling for dosing and transference studies for its first product, Testagen® spray-on Testosterone.  The testosterone market exceeds $2 billion annually, of which a single gel product represents more than 50%—however, this gel product can be transferred on contact with another person up to 24 hours after dosing.  In contrast, HYPOSPRAY Pharma’s Testagen® product speeds absorption and reduces transference risk to 20 minutes or less. 


Spray-on testosterone offers a massive advantage over the incumbent gel product with dramatic lifestyle improvement for patients who are currently unable to dress quickly, exercise, shower, or have intimate relations for up to eight hours after application to avoid washing off or transferring the gel to another person.

DicloMist® Diclofenac Sodium (NSAID)


HYPOSPRAY Pharma is developing transdermal variants of Diclofenac, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, which will enable significantly lower dosages to be administered without loss of pain relief, while reducing pain medication side effects such as nausea, improving safety characteristics through mitigation of liver toxicity due to lowered doses, and easier administration to major sub-segments such as pediatrics

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