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Testosterone BJCP article

Pharmacokinetics of a new testosterone transdermal delivery system, TDS®-testosterone in healthy males

Anaesthesia Article March 06 j.1365-2044.2005.04432.

Study of a combined percutaneous local anaesthetic

and the TDS


system for venepuncture

TDS Diazepam poster AJ KK Abstract

A Randomised, Single-Dose, Two-Period, Cross-Over Phase I Pharmacokinetic Study to

Compare TDS®-Diazepam with RectalHealthy Adult Subjects.

Ibuprofen Delivery in TDS


AltMedRev Penetran Article ALT

Topically Applied Quaternary Ammonium

Compound Exhibits Analgesic Effects for

Orthopedic Pain

Montreal Diazepam

 Systemic measurement of TDS®-Diazepam, compared with Rectal Diazepam, a pharmacokinetic study in Healthy Adult Subjects

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