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HypoSpray Delivery System

Inventors at HypoSpray have been researching the transdermal delivery of medicines of all kinds for more than 30 years.  

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The HypoSpray DS Story

More than 25 years ago scientist at HypoSpray Pharma and the Lnagford Research Institute in collaboration with the WIlliam Harvey Institute at Barts & the London NHS began investigating the possibility of delivery medicines quickly and efficiently through the skin using a cocktail of solvents, vitamins, natural oils and food supplements.  In the spanning years over 25 studies of 20 or more individual and combinations of active ingredients have been built and tested.  Most recently, a dominant national hospice care provider has tested HYpoSpray DS to deliver Morhhine Sulfate, Ketamine and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Diclofenac Sodium with disruptive results.  Onset of activity is reported as very fast.  Nursing staff applaud the deletion of sharps and the ease of charting the spray on liquid.  The prescrption are filled by a neighborhood compounding pharmacist.

HOW IT WORKS - The HypoSpray DS is purchased by the liter, which 5,000 0.2mL doses.  Weight the approriate amount of API ( 1 to 1 if otherwise injected, 105% or orally bioavailable dose) and measure the approprate volume of HypoSpray DS, add API and solution to a mixing vessel, stirr with a stir bar until clear (usually less than 30 minutes, often as short as 5), decant into dispensing spray packaging and label with patient prescription details.


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