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Proprietary technology platform backed by science and decades of research. Our platform uses cutting-edge technology to deliver drugs to specific target cells and organs, providing superior efficacy and safety outcomes.



Using groundbreaking proprietary transdermal  technology to create ready-to-license, clinically proven, highly effective, and cost-effective products.


The Hypospray platform has been granted several patents, with clear opportunities to extend existing intellectual property for each drug combination. This platform is an innovative, non-invasive method of drug delivery which offers greater accuracy, convenience and safety for patients. It has already been used successfully to deliver a wide range of drugs, from low-molecular weight small molecules to low-dose peptides and high-dose biologics.


With the help of our patented technology, we are able to ensure efficacy and precision. Our patents and drug master file status also provide us with a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry, allowing us to remain at the forefront of drug delivery innovation.


We are proud to partner with the Langford Research Institute, a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer and FDA licensed drug labeling facility. LRI is also registered as an NIH research site and is DEA-licensed for research and export and supervised by a registered research ethics committee (IRB) .


Our partnership with Langford Research Institute ensures that our research is conducted with the utmost safety and appropriate medical ethics oversight. We are committed to providing the best possible drug delivery research solutions to our customers and our partnership with Langford Research Institute helps to ensure this.


Our team has been working closely with the FDA to secure approvals in advancing clinical stages with FDA for Testosterone, Epinephrine, and Insulin.


HypoSpray has been fortunate to be in collaboration with a number of research instittues through its partnership with Langford Research, generating peer-reviewed science published at international journals and meetings.


“Personalized medicine” is a hot topic, and open to discussion about what is meant by the term. The primary endpoint as regards pharmaceutical interventions is targeted medicines provided on a personalized basis that optimizes the minimization of suffering attendant to deteriorating or recovering health. The One- or two-sizes fits all approach is passé.




The HypoSpray Delivery System has been adapted by Langford Research to enable optimized delivery of needed medication that up until now required IV dosing or professional administration to facilitate these pharmacotherapies.  HypoSpray Pharma has registered the Delivery System under a Drug Master File designation and as a medical device.  it will soon to be listed in the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) and supported by reference to the Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency.

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