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Morphine Sulfate 

Study Protocol
HypoSpray Pharma Morphine Sulfate 

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1 / Patient Pain Assessment

Using Wong–Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale

     o     Pre-assessment of pain level

     o    Initial 1 hr. post pain assessment

     o    Then a 2 hr. pain assessment

2 / Administration of HypoSpray Pharma Morphine Sulfate 

Each dose is 5mg (2 sprays) of Morphine Sulfate 
     o    Wear gloves 

     o    Choose site (no need for any skin prep)
          1.    Forearms 
          2.    Abdomen 
          3.    Thighs 

     o    Position Spray Bottle 2-3 inches away from skin ensure bevel is facing skin) 

     o    Rub in circular motion 3-5 times 

Medication is transferred through the skin within 15        seconds, with no risk of transferring medication to           other surfaces/people. 

3 / Documentation 

Patients’ charts will be labeled with an identification sticker once enrolled in the study.

     o    Patients pain level assessments, and quantity of medication given will be documented on a separate sheet in the patient’s chart for the duration of the study (Pt. enrolled for 3 days, even if 3 days aren’t completed Pt. data is still used). 

      o    Medication waste and accounting for opioid compliance will also be on a separate sheet in its own binder in the medication room. 

4 / Counting Medication Volume 

Each patient once enrolled in the study will receive 2 individual spray bottles of Morphine Sulfate, enrolling physicians will provide the script to the pharmacy if more is needed.  

     o    Each spray bottle of HypoSpray Pharma Morphine Sulfate is 12ml with counting markers on the side of the bottle.

     o     Each bottle contains 30 doses (sprays) of 2.5mg Morphine Sulfate, and each spray will bring the volume down by 1 mark (.2ml). 

     o    Place spray bottle on level surface to accurately monitor volume usage per shift.

     o    If by mistake a dose (spray) misses the application site, count as waste, and give another dose (spray) to the skin. 

Benefits of HypoSpray Technology

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